Keynote: Developing Open Source Talent in China: The Role of the Linux Foundation

As the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Training and Certification at the Linux Foundation, Clyde will share with you the latest global trends in open source talent, as well as the hottest open source technologies. Clyde will also share how to help Chinese developers effectively learn and master open source technology, and start your open source career.


Keynote: LFOSSA:Existence for China Open Source Talent Development 下载PPT

LFOSSA relying on the world's largest open source software organization, has trained a large number of software talents for enterprises. It not only has rich online professional courses, but also course instructors are senior experts in the industry. The certificates issued are globally recognized professional qualifications. LFOSSA is a member of China's open source ecosystem and is committed to promoting innovation and technology development through open source. This sharing will comprehensively introduce our courses and certification system, development plans, and how we can become your partner to help you take your career to the next level.


LF APAC Open Source Evangelist Education SIG Overview 下载PPT



Keynote: Ibrahim Haddad from the Linux Foundation in Conversation with Prof. Wang from East China Normal Univesrity - Global Open Source Talent Development

Ibrahim Haddad from the Linux Foundation in Conversation with Prof. Wang from East China Normal Univesrity - Global Open Source Talent Development


Panel Discussion: Open Source and Open Source Talent Development from different perspectives

In the recent Linux Foundation's Open Source jobs Report, cloud computing and digital transformation are continued to be widely adopted in various industries, the demand for open source talent is very high. Open source experts from different fields are invited to discuss the challenges of open source education and talent development, the trend of the most popular open source technologies in order to help developers to understand the ways to participate in the open source and start their career in open source.
Round table host :Xudong Guo | Senior Cloud Native Architect of Jihu GitLab Technology Limited LFAPAC Open Source Evangelist


Panel Discussion: Woman’s Power in Open Source

There have been more male than female in IT industry and in open source community. Therefore, diversity in open source and woman's participation are very key and very valueable to the community. In this panel discussion, we have invited these female professionals in the open source community. They are going to to share their experience in open source and discuss the difficulties and challenges that women face in their work and life. Let's join us and empower woman in open source!
Round table host :Li Rui | Associate Researcher Peng Cheng Laboratory


LFOSSA Open Source Education Annual Ceremony 2022

LFOSSA Open Source Education Annual Ceremony 2022
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