Ecological collaboration between LF CHAOSS community and OSS-Compass community

The LF CHAOSS community is committed to helping people understand the health status of the open source projects they rely on. As a community that spans multiple open source projects and organizations, CHAOSS is dedicated to defining common metrics and methods for evaluating and improving the health of open source communities. We work closely with OSS-Compass to provide more comprehensive and in-depth assessments of the health status of open source communities. In this presentation, we will introduce the collaboration background and benefits between these two communities.


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Interpretation of the OSS Compass Model and Release of New Features 下载PPT

This topic will introduce the OSS-Compass community and its SaaS services provided to the public, helping people understand the ecological health of open source communities. We will use evaluation models to gain a deeper understanding of community health, and provide detailed introductions to new features such as insight report subscription systems, developer milestone models, and Compass Lab. The report subscription system allows users to easily obtain evaluation reports for managing or caring about communities in a timely manner; the developer milestone model helps users understand whether different links in open source communities are smooth experiences and promotion channels, as well as how software version iterations and operational activities affect developers; finally, Compass Lab can help community decision-makers customize evaluation dashboards that are suitable for their communities to better understand community health. We hope to provide valuable information and ideas for those who care about the health of open source communities.


Roundtable - Open Source Community Health Assessment, Illuminating Lights for Your Operations and Governance.

1. Definition and Goals of Open Source Community Health Assessment a. What is open source community health assessment? b. Why do we need to assess the health of open source communities? c. The main goals and indicators of open source community health assessment. 2. Core Elements of Open Source Communities a. Community member participation b. Communication and collaboration c. Project management and governance d. Community diversity and inclusivity e. Sustainable development and innovation capabilities. 3.Methods and Tools for Assessing the Health of Open Source Communities a.Measurement and evaluation of quantitative indicators b.Qualitative analysis with case studies c.Common tools and resources for assessing the health of open source communities d.How to develop improvement strategies based on evaluation results. 4.Sharing Successful Cases, Lessons Learned, And Key Factors Analysis a.Sharing successful cases in healthy open-source communities b.Analyzing key factors in successful cases c.Discussing challenges that may arise during the process of evaluating the health status in an open-source community, as well as solutions to these challenges. 5.Future Development Of Open-Source Community Health Assessment a.The impact of technological changes on open-source communities b.New trends and innovations in assessing the health status within an open-source community c.How to continuously improve the level of a healthy state within an opensource community
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