Alibaba Cloud PolarDB Architecture and Technical Evolution 下载PPT

The main content includes: 1. Progress of Alibaba Cloud PolarDB open source; 2. Architecture and technical evolution of PolarDB, introduce PolarDB open source, storage-compute separation architecture, high availability, high performance, HTAP and other architectures and core code. 3. The Alibaba Cloud open source community actively promotes PG kernel technology and launches kernel courses such as "PG Kernel Interpretation Course" and "Database Kernel from Entry to Mastery"."


Taking HTAP as an example, look at the evolution of modern data stack application architecture and scenarios 下载PPT

The modern data stack is a new generation concept of cloud-based Data Middle Platform architecture, but its definition does not include the integrated database system. This sharing will analyze the application architecture and trend of evolution of the modern data stack based on the cloud architecture of one of the hottest categories in integrated databases - HTAP and then shares MatrixOne's current design and future evolution to meet this trend. Outline: a. Understanding the Modern Data Stack b. Best practices for HTAP architectures on the cloud c. Analysis of MatrixOne Architecture


ByConity: Innovation and Openness in Analytical Database Technology

1. Key technology selection in ByteConity 2. The story behind the open source and openness of ByteConity


From HTAP to Serverless, the technological evolution of TiDB 下载PPT

How does PingCAP continue to stay at the forefront of database technology development? How will TiDB HTAP develop in today's database cloud-native, serverless, and DB microservices environment? What are the most important technological or application trends in the database field or the entire Infra field? This topic will introduce the evolution of TiDB from cloud-native to HTAP and then to serverless, as well as thoughts and gains during its growth process.


GreatSQL Open Source Community - Creating a popular open source database in China. 下载PPT

Introduction to GreatSQL Community Explanation of GreatSQL Advantages and Features Optimization and Bug Fixes for MySQL in the Project GreatSQL vs MySQL Recent Plans and Future Prospects for GreatSQL"


Build a database change workflow based on GitOps 下载PPT

With the increase in business complexity and database instances, the risk of database changes has also increased exponentially when responding to rapidly changing business needs. Problems such as table structure deviation, misoperation, and low-quality statements often occur. Bytebase introduces the concept of GitOps into the field of database change management. By integrating with platforms such as GitLab/GitHub, it deeply integrates database change management into the development process. Through a code management platform, it achieves more standardized, automatic and efficient management workflows, significantly improving work efficiency and achieving fast yet orderly database changes.


AI native database built for large models 下载PPT



Build a domestic distributed database based on openGauss for industrial scenarios 下载PPT

Taking JD's business as an example, introduce how to innovate and create a domestically developed distributed database using OpenGauss
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