Greeting + Ceremony

Greeting + Ceremony


Building the Zhangjiang Metaverse Innovation Ecological System

At the 2022 Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference, the action plan for build a new metaverse was officially released. At the same time, "Zhangjiang Digital Chain", a metaverse theme park mainly based in Pudong Software Park, became Shanghai's third batch of city-level characteristic industrial parks. Zhangjiang aims to create a world-class metaverse innovation community and work with everyone to lead innovation, build metaverse, and contribute important strength to breaking through an industry scale of 350 billion yuan.



Keynote Speaker


Prospects and Open Source Opportunities Analysis of the Ultimate Form of Metaverse 下载PPT



Technical Analysis of EasyAR Metaverse Spatial Computing Platform 下载PPT

Cloud-based spatial computing is the future development direction. The EasyAR team has developed the EasyAR Mega Metaverse Spatial Computing Platform, which provides a complete toolchain to help developers create metaverse applications. At the same time, this platform has four major advantages. This presentation will provide a detailed explanation of the product system, toolchain, and typical applications.


Building new infrastructure for the development of the metaverse 下载PPT

The topic will revolve around the new infrastructure in the metaverse field, namely the "Metaverse Patent Pool", and will discuss it from various aspects such as technology, history, sources, suggested significance, and development trends. The establishment of the Metaverse Patent Pool is committed to promoting technological adoption and innovation in the metaverse field, driving closer technical cooperation along the industry chain, allowing innovative vitality to flow fully while protecting small and medium-sized enterprises and other participants in the metaverse ecosystem. It also assists government to fully play their role in attracting investment and talent.


Panel Discussion: Games and 3D rendering engines

Round table host :Keith Chan | CNCF China Director LF Asia Pacific Strategic Director Hyperledger China Strategic Director


The integration of open source technology and patented technology in the metaverse.

Metaverse technology involves a huge amount of open-source software, as well as many legally monopolized patented technologies. How to handle the conflict between open source and patents in the Metaverse world, and balance the relationship between open source and patents is of great significance for the future. This presentation will analyze the legal characteristics and restrictions of open-source software technology, introduce patent protection avoidance and layout, with the hope of providing inspiration and assistance to relevant personnel in the field of Metaverse technology.


Application of AIGC and large language models based on open source technology 下载PPT

This speech will focus on the application of AI generation and large language models based on open source technology. In the speech, we will introduce DATA GRAND's current technological exploration and application practice. The purpose of the speech is to help the audience gain a deeper understanding of the application of open source technology and large language models in natural language processing.



Keynote Speaker


As the metaverse returns offline, Space AIGC becomes a technological singularity

The metaverse itself is an innovation in the paradigm of interaction between people and space, involving upgrades to interactive means as well as content carriers and presentation formats. Moving the interactive interface into the real-world metaverse space first means bringing people's experiences back offline, but the content carrier becomes a three-dimensional space that blends reality with virtuality. By overlaying digital information in this space, the forms of content that people can perceive will become three-dimensional, diverse, and customizable. Secondly, the interactive tools available to people are no longer limited to traditional electronic devices such as PCs and mobile phones; they also include new-generation intelligent devices such as XR. These devices are fundamentally windows through which people observe spaces. Based on visual digitization, people can quickly obtain diverse information contained within buildings and various objects in real-world spaces - for example, service contents available at specific locations, prices required for corresponding services or store style classifications. This is expected to reduce offline search costs and improve offline interaction efficiency. The metaverse based on spatial computing and spatial AIGC breaks down physical space's uniqueness and monotony while endowing it with infinite imagination and incremental value.


The Ecological Advantages of Web3D in the Metaverse and Opportunities for WebGPU Engines.

The web ecosystem has great advantages for metaverse, and the recent WebGPU standard will also bring revolutionary changes to Web3D engines. Combined with the current trend of AGI, there will be huge new opportunities and space for the development of 3D engines combined with AI capabilities.


Open Source Community: Accelerator for Iterating Metaverse Experience



Cloud-based digital twin system and AIGC innovative application

Digital China is an important engine for promoting Chinese-style modernization in the digital age. Through digital twinning, it promotes the digital transformation of various industries and drives production, life, and governance changes through digitization. It is an indispensable booster to achieve Digital China. However, facing the era of comprehensive cloudification and generative AI changing content creation, how can digital twinning empower the digital transformation of various industries? In this lecture, DGene will share their experience in developing cloud-native digital twin products and using AIGC for content creation to bring different ideas for implementing digital twins and let more people see the possibilities brought by cloud-native and AIGC empowering them.
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